The vital vitamens that all animals need

Some animals have become very popular with humans. And even today, most people adopt them to become part of their lives, their families. There are many choices regarding pets, but overall, dogs and cats are the most common to get adopted. However, the adoption of an animal is synonymous with great responsibility. They actually need care and treatment to maintain good health without talking about their diet.

Essential vitamins for animals

It is essential to pay attention to the food of the domestic animals, because this one must be well balanced. It is therefore necessary to know how to correctly proportion such as lipid, protein and carbohydrate. Like you, they need essential nutrients to fight diseases. To avoid deficiencies and ensure the well-being of your feline, vitamin premix manufacturers are supplements that help their organs naturally stimulate antioxidant defenses and provide them with protection against diseases. Premix manufacturers are daily supplements with a balanced formulation of vitamins and minerals. This will greatly help your animals to have a longevity.

Nutritional intake of vitamins

Vitamins play a big role in the health of your dog or cat or other pet. The contributions of vitamins strengthen their immune system. Vitamins C and E are important to them. The liver of dogs like that of cats naturally produces vitamin C, but this might be insufficient. This natural production depends on the surrounding environment. Like humans, the dog's immune system weakens with aging. But thanks to vitamins E and C, the aging process can be slowed down. They can also reduce the damage caused by traumatic injuries, heart failure and also the fight against stroke. Pets are in great need of B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, biotin, folic acid and B12).

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