All you need to know about horse saddles

All riders must have their own riding saddle. It ensures a pleasant practice of riding and guarantees to the horse a real comfort. However, it is not always easy to choose it. In addition to your practice preferences, you should also choose one that takes into account your morphology. To know everything about horse saddles, read this folder.

How to choose your horse saddle ?

The bardettes are suitable for riding a pony or a shetland. If you are looking for a saddle that can be used for all disciplines, then you will need to choose a versatile model. It will be useful for walking on flat ground. This type of saddle is the one you need for successful jumping. Its seat ensures you a good freedom of movement. For those who practice dressage, they must opt ​​for low straps to allow better contact with their horse. The seat must be hollow to ensure maximum comfort and to ensure good stability. If you are fond of hiking, you must choose a riding saddle with a wide and comfortable seat. Choose a model equipped with rings to fix your hiking equipment. You have the choice between leather or synthetic riding saddles. For intensive practice, choose a leather saddle. Synthetic models are lighter and easier to maintain.

Where to buy your riding saddle ?

It is easy to find a saddle adapted to your morphology and your frequency of practice. Many persons also propose on the internet different models of used saddles for sale. Some are more efficient than new ones. Before making your purchase, you must test the chosen saddle on the back of your horse to make sure that it meets your expectations in terms of comfort and is adapted to your horse.To make the right decision, you have to find horse saddle that fits both your horse and you.

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