Why Equitack are the specialists in their field

Several equestrian shops are showing our selection for this month, but we discover some special equipment on Equitack.

Good equipment for your stable

Equitack your reference upholstery for Palermo and all the province for both stables for riders with a full range of clothing, equipment and special products for the welfare of horses. The passion for these animals and sports-related activity led them to select the most reliable suppliers. When it comes to protecting the health of horses, quality counts more than the savings. Also, for clothing and accessories for runners, they offer high-level products, which provide not only comfort, but also a long life despite frequent use during activities that quickly ruin the normal clothes. Associations, sports groups and jockeys can also request customized clothing and accessories. With each purchase of equipment, it is necessary to check one's product sheet in detail so as not to be mistaken for reference.

Equitack is well equipped

Stand out without sacrificing quality and elegance, giving the pair a unique look, all manufactured in the workshops equitack. Customizable articles on equitack are linked to horse will saddle cushions caps, walking through the covers, member protectors, seat covers and more. The equipment for the rider is all related to competition clothing, boots and ankle boots, leggings, helmets, jackets, caps, bags, costume jewelry and many other items related to the stable life and daily work with the horse. Any imperfections present on some articles reflect the expertise and non-serial and industrial design, without reducing the quality and beauty, but by exalting the cut and construction hand. From the supply of products for the teams, such as accessories for blacksmiths and stable boys, who must take daily care of the animals to ensure their health and well-being.

In all honesty, this equipment has its great importance in the riding mode because a rider spends at least 2 hours a day with his horse.

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