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Mounting a horse has always been a tremendous experience, especially when the horse rider is equipped with all the necessary equipment to secure himself and has the maximum pleasure during his riding time. In addition, it is also very important that the horse is well equipped with all the equipment.

Equitack a team motivated by enthusiasm

Equitack is a community of sport horse enthusiasts who have a burning desire to see an increase in the experience of riding horses. That's why they selected the finest riding equipment for the horse and his rider for many years now. With the urgent experience and expertise they have in the sector, they have rendered themselves fairly accessible to give the finest advice to anyone interested in learning or improving their riding experience.

Choose the finest tack accessories

Equitack is a platform for your horse with all kinds of equipment. You can have here; belts, stirrups, and cloth of course saddles. More to this Equitack placed separate saddle sets at your disposal based on your animal and the sport or events you'd like to do.

Blended and swinging saddles

We have blended saddles that are very appropriate with the horses for all sorts of activities. They are used to jump and wander outside. Although it is possible to use the blended one for jumping, there is another saddle specializing in jumping. Equitack has complete saddle sets for you to jump regardless of the stage. They are very nice practice tools; trainings and contests.

Equitack also offers dressage saddles and cross saddle

They are very outstanding for training your horse for great results. For high effectiveness and safety, the cross saddles are particularly flat with a lengthy seat including mono flaps. This type of saddle is designed for outdoor activities. All these arefine used saddles.

Hiking saddles

For persistence, the hiking saddle is a durable one. It is a synthetic leather that is suitable for equestrian riding exercise. There are a broad variety of options to assist you and your horse in the greatest possible convenience during your trips