The best saddles for your arabian horse are on Equitack!

Are you planning a long equestrian hike with your Arabian horse soon? Before leaving, consider choosing your hiking gear, especially the saddle, to ensure your comfort, but also that of your Arabian horse. What better way to discover the hinterland than through a horseback ride in the trails of the wooded circuits! But here, to make the most of the adventure, it is important to choose the right hiking gear and especially the saddle. What is the ideal saddle size? Which brand to choose? Are all types of saddles suitable for my Arabian horse? So many questions to ask yourself, especially for novice riders. Do not worry anymore will provide you the best for your Arabian horse.

Choose a riding saddle adapted to its morphology

There are several elements to take into account: the tree, the size of the seat, the "cut". The "cut" depends mainly on the discipline (saddle dressage, obstacle, mixed ...), but not only. Depending on the make and model, it may hinder or benefit the Arab horse. In principle, the morphology of the rider as well as that of the horse determine the choice of the size of the saddle. The goal is to provide better comfort for one, as for the other. Thus, the seating area of ​​the seat must be sufficiently comfortable to ensure optimum stability to the rider.

Select a riding saddle according to the size of the horse

The choice of the size of the tree depends on the corpulence of the Arab horse at the shoulders, withers and backs. In any case, a custom saddle, adapted to the morphology of the animal, is the best option. For example, you can entrust the manufacture of your riding saddle to a craft company specializing in the manufacture of equestrian trekking equipment. Looking for a riding saddle that meets your needs. Whether it is a Western saddle, dressage, obstacles, mixed, Iberian, endurance or for hiking. We offer different colors, materials: leather, synthetic, etc ... We have selected major brands and offer them at the best prices.

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