Treat yourself to a jacuzzi

More and more in vogue nowadays, spas or jacuzzis, are terms more and more widespread which mean the same thing, they recall another way of relaxing. So buy a jacuzzi. What does this imply ?

About spas or jacuzzis

Drawing their origins from ancestral Japanese immersions, they define a type of bathing, with a reception capacity of up to six or seven people. Compared to the pool, the spa appears to be tiny in appearance.

Long confused by most people, the spa is the name of the product (similar to refrigerators) and the jacuzzi is the brand (just like fridge)

Invented in 1968 by Joe Jacuzzi, the first of its kind saw the light of day in the world. The product gets its name from its name: Jacuzzi. Compared to the classic bathtub, the spa is equipped with many harriers generating bubbles and hydraulic jets. These effervescences added to the warmth of the water and the feeling of lightness ensure exceptional ease.

The benefits of spas are not just about the physical benefits, but they also have tangible benefits on mood and morale.

A spa session lasts 15 to 30 minutes, far shorter than a hammam session. Offered by a wellness establishment, the vast majority of a spa session is associated with chromotherapy, music therapy and aromatherapy. This is why generally a spa session is relatively expensive.

Having a jacuzzi bathtub in your home will allow you to create whatever you want for your pleasure, at any time and without putting too much strain on your wallet.

Arrange a jacuzzi at home

Realizing the multiple benefits offered by spas, many people want to have Jacuzzis in their areas. Especially since their installations can be done in just 72 hours by professionals in the field.

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