The perfect stool for your horse

The biggest challenge for a rider is to get in the saddle safely, easily and without causing discomfort to the horse. Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, the equipment of the horse is just as important as that of the rider. The test of the mount is a way to demonstrate the horse's ability to stay still when the rider starts riding. For this, the rack with stool is ideal. Horse accessories are available for all styles and budgets. In terms of equipment, discover also used saddles for sale for any riding activity.

The mount adapted for the horse: the stool

The mount is both the stage where you ride, but it is also something that can be used to ride more easily. When you ride, the mount is a must, but above all, to do with care and caution. Using a mount to get on horseback greatly reduces pressure on the saddle and thus on the horse's back. Indeed, you are at a height more "comfortable" and practical to put the foot in the stirrup. You just have to put one hand in the center of the saddle, the other on the neck of the horse near the withers and you ride on horseback, preserving the back of your horse and the saddle.

So we can use anything and everything. But the most suitable is the stool. The mount you choose must be stable, for obvious security reasons, so as not to be unbalanced and suddenly make a sudden gesture that could frighten the horse etc ... You also need a horse that does not move, otherwise you find yourself planted on your mount with a horse that goes away without you or that gently embarks you while you are perched.

In conclusion, the ideal is to be able to perch to ride with more ease, thus minimizing the pressure on the saddle and the back of the horse. The use of a sturdy and sturdy stool will help the case.

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