The best equipment for a beginner

A horse is different that a cow, yes surely we all know this, but a cow need that you speak louder, contrary with a horse, they like tenderness, even they are afraid of the rain and thunder, but they like water too. So you need to train it gently, let’s see about the first step with a horse and what he needs for the beginning.

The equipment for your horse

The equipment horse gets from the season. We are now at the collection fall-winter. The equipment horse needs something special that care for the quality and the style at the same time. There are different type of fillet for horses that you choice will help you in any moment. The riding reins came with the net that you have to see also. There are also the Horsebit that must be on Inox material with his accessories. The saddle that is exposed on a different way, that you must be clever to find the best one like used saddles for sale the one that not hurt horses and will make in your comfort too. The saddle blanket, the halter that you must verify if it is for a young or an adult horse, even for his stirrups, you have to take care of its quality.

The equipment of a rider

For a rider, the essential is your helmet. You need to protect your head because you know that a horse’s back is so high, so better you take a measure of security. The second one is your protective vest. Yes, every rider must have his own outfit that it’s better to be on safety yet. It’s is a measure of security, but it makes you warm also. Your riding pants might be close to your leg and it makes you for a free movement but to avoid any irritate skin that may causes from the friction to your leg and the saddle. The boots equipment that came until your knees limit the effects of calf rubbing with the saddle and prevent you foo to pass completely into the stirrup remaining stuck. The gloves may be not important, but they are recommending limiting the rubbing of the reins at the hands and to keep your finger on warm too.

The choice of a horse depends of what you need to do with him. If it is for a ride, you do not choose a Pony but a real horse.

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